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- All rosters must be fully completed. Any roster that is incomplete or illegible will be returned. TYPED ROSTERS must be received before the due date to avoid the $50 late fee. Make checks payable to "OCO GYM FUND".

- All new teams or teams that have forfeited within the last year must submit a forfeit bond of $100. If the team does not forfeit, the check will be returned at the end of the season.

- Make sure to add email@ocsabasketbal.orrg to your email address book to avoid receiving important OCSA information and announcements as spam.

Mail applications to:
OCSA Basketball
P.O. Box 28802
Santa Ana, CA 92799

Required General Forms

OCSA Cover Sheet Form

OCSA Agreement Form



OCSA Player Scoresheet
OCSA Incident Score Keeper Report