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- All rosters must be fully completed. Any roster that is incomplete or illegible will be returned. TYPED ROSTERS must be received before the due date to avoid the $50 late fee. Make checks payable to "OCO GYM FUND".

- All new teams or teams that have forfeited within the last year must submit a forfeit bond of $100. If the team does not forfeit, the check will be returned at the end of the season.

- Make sure to add email@ocsabasketbal.orrg to your email address book to avoid receiving important OCSA information and announcements as spam.

Mail applications to:
OCSA Basketball
P.O. Box 28802
Santa Ana, CA 92799

Required General Forms

OCSA Cover Sheet Form

OCSA Agreement Form

OCSA Roster

OCSA Roster Fillable PDF

OCSA Player Scoresheet
OCSA Incident Scorekeeper Report